Our vision
Energy in motion

Demand for energy continues to grow, with the World’s population forecast to exceed 9 billion people by 2050. This growth will create even greater challenges across all energy sources. The energy industry needs solutions to answer these global challenges – venturing into evermore extreme and harsh environments, further offshore and deeper underwater and into even more remote and inhospitable locations.

HTG is responding to these challenges. We are working to transform existing technologies and innovate new technologies. To develop new products and solutions, to generate new ideas and new thinking.

We call this energy in motion.

Our strategy for growth

Delivering performance-critical solutions for the most demanding requirements to meet current and future global energy needs


  • Deliver value to our customers through innovation and excellence in design, manufacture and service.
  • Reduce lead times and optimise quality through single process flow and lean methodologies, from order intake through to delivery.
  • Professional development of our workforce across the business, upskilling them and providing the environment for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Enhance product performance and capabilities through investment in R&D and improved design, test and manufacturing capabilities.
  • Enhance facilities and capabilities through the development of a world class Centre of Excellence for specialist motor manufacture and provide a clean lean environment to enhance manufacturing capabilities.
  • Increase service offerings through superior test capability, new product design and test services and advanced manufacturing simulation.
  • Diversify product and market opportunities through the acquisition of complementary businesses, investment in R&D and nurturing an ‘innovation culture’.
  • Provide the platform for growth for the next 5+ years and the next generation of HTG employees, supported across the Group by optimising our existing business and maximising opportunities within our niche markets, whilst opening up new product and market opportunities.