R&D Investment up 64%

R&D is a key tenet of our strategy for growth. During FY2016 we increased our expenditure on R&D by 65% to £1.1 million, of which £0.8 million was capitalised (FY2015: £0.4 million).

This R&D was focused on a number of areas that included:

  • New product development
  • Developing a renewable testing system for subsea motors
  • Enhancing our existing product range
  • Finding new applications for existing products in new markets
  • Developing new markets

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Centre of Excellence

An introduction to Hayward Tyler’s Centre of Excellence

Skills & Training

Hayward Tyler employees have undertaken 47,000 hours of training to give them new tools, skills and competencies to improve their productivity and performance. This training ranges from on-the-job skills to personal development plans towards professional qualifications.