Hayward Tyler Group strengthens its international nuclear cooperation

Mr Lu Jinqi,, Chairman & CEO, Shanghai Apollo Machinery Company and Mr Ewan Lloyd-Baker, CEO, Hayward Tyler Group at the signing ceremony.

Hayward Tyler Group PLC (HTG) and Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co (Apollo) agree a multifaceted Strategic Cooperation Agreement for Nuclear Power Collaboration.

In a more connected world, where globalisation and cross border collaboration are key to supporting the continued demand for clean, affordable energy across the globe, HTG is proud to announce a new nuclear partnership.

HTG is a leading supplier of performance-critical engineering solutions and equipment, including pumps, motors and power solutions, to the energy industry with a well-established heritage of supporting the global nuclear industry since the 1950s through its UK and USA facilities.

Apollo is a leading supplier of equipment and service across the whole Chinese nuclear industry from its facility in Shanghai. Its offering includes nuclear-class pumps and major non-nuclear class pumps as well as equipment for nuclear fuel cycle.

The two organisations have agreed to explore opportunities to cooperate in developing and deploying equipment in support of: i) the UK nuclear new build programme; ii) Small Modular Reactor (SMR) development programmes; iii) Generation IV reactor technologies, and iv) reprocessing and decommissioning.

Dr Colin Elcoate, HTGs Chief Commercial Officer commented “with HTG’s strong heritage and manufacturing footprint combined with Apollo’s impressive product range and presence in the booming Chinese nuclear market, this cooperation allows the group to support its global customers with a wider set of innovative and competitive engineering solutions.”

Mr Lu Jinqi, Apollo’s Chairman and CEO commented “both companies have ambitious plans in the global nuclear industry and have highly complementary product lines and geographic locations.  With a short-term focus on Chinese SMRs and the UK new build programme, the timing is perfect to cooperate and allow our customer base to benefit from the combined capability and global presence.”

The agreement was signed on the 27th July 2017 by Mr Ewan Lloyd Baker, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), HTG and Mr Lu Jinqi Chairman & CEO, Apollo in the British Consulate General in Shanghai under the presence of the Deputy Consul General, Tony Clemson and his team.


For further information, please contact:

James McNamara
Head of Nuclear Strategy & Development
Tel: +44 (0)7702 717886

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